Limited time offer! The Ultimate Mastery Bundle features a digital download of the full Chad LB Catalogue of PDF Packages + Masterclass Bundles at an insanely discounted price! 


Jazz Articulation Masterclass (Video + PDF)

Practicing Standards Masterclass (Video + PDF)

Pentatonic Masterclass (Video + PDF)


Pentatonic Patterns for Jazz Improvisation

Approach Note & Enclosure Phrase Workouts

Modern Phrases: Melodic Cells

Modern Etudes: Melodic Cells

Voice Leading Workbook

64 Inside-Outside Phrases

65 Shredding Diminished Phrases

20 Exercises for Augmented Scale Technique

68 Phrases on One Chord Vamps

15 Exercises for Diminished Scale Technique

60 Phrases on Dominant Chords

75 Phrases on Minor Progressions

Standard Analysis

20 Approach Note Etudes

Scales for Jazz Improvisation

50 Minor ii-V-I Phrases

15 Approach Note and Enclosure Exercises for Jazz Musicians

4 Tune Learning Exercises on 20 Standard Chord Progressions

Isolated Chord Progressions: The Secret to Memorizing Jazz Standards

10 Warmup Exercises for Jazz Musicians

(Concert) Ultimate Mastery Bundle - Full Chad LB Catalogue

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