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The Jazz Gym is a full-range group practice session that combines approaches for vocabulary development, technique, line construction, chord progression fluency, sound development and ear training. The daily practice sessions, designed by Chad LB, are geared to develop EVERY element of your MUSICIANSHIP to produce BETTER results in your SOLOING and IMPROVISATION. 


The work you do in the Jazz Gym studio will make you a better musician and develop your confidence as an improviser

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Jazz Gym coaching sessions are designed with multiple “workout” options to fit players of all skill levels.

"The Jazz Gym has been a wonderful way to structure my practice and hold me accountable. Setting timeframes and limiting practice time for specific material has helped me to focus. I’ve seen more improvement in 2 weeks with the Jazz Gym than I have in a long time!"

Shawn Marren, Piano/Jazz Gym Member

"When I started with the jazz gym I knew little about real jazz vocabulary. The first time I played my first note on a saxophone was a couple of mounths before starting the jazz gym. I just trust the process, day by day I spend focused practice time and I know there are no magical results, it is all about hard work, but it feels like magic. Now I am more confident improvising on standards with an expanding vocabulary, I am sure that keeping this way is my way to enjoy music the best I can, thank you jazz gym team, you are amazing!!!"

Alvaro Carranza, Saxophonist/Jazz Gym Member

"I'm a semi pro with a music degree. My kids are now grown but still limited on shed time. JG helps me focus and carve out an hour or more of my day to shed and keep growing. Love the camaraderie as we all shed together. It's like being back in music school."

Hermann Lara, Saxophonist/Jazz Gym Member

"These young lions at Jazz Gym have me excited every morning to get to the woodshed!!! Great content in 3 blocks of improvisation jazz harmony and technique, based on good musicianship. Five sessions a day makes it so easy to hit a couple of classes daily. The Zoom platform makes for a fun group setting with a chance to play for the teacher and learn from the group, too."

Cy Schmidt, Saxophonist/Jazz Gym Member

"I started doing jazz gyms for 3 days thanks to the advice of a friend and I am delighted by the different and new way of approaching the daily study on my instrument. I always have to face new topics and different and very technical study ideas that are really interesting. The three levels available to the studio allow me to always feel at ease with the study of new materials and I share everything with musicians and new friends. it's nice to hear that we are a team that studies and we can consult with each other. the teachers are very serious, prepared and available for any doubts. Fully satisfied, thank you!!"

Simone Dionigi, Saxophonist/Jazz Gym Member

"As a classically trained musician and educator for over thirty years I can state without hesitation that if you want to learn jazz sign up for Chad LB's Jazz Gym program. You will not regret it! There is simply nothing out there like it. Each day, members are introduced to important jazz concepts outlined in three new jazz exercises, masterfully explained by the talented team of Jazz Gym coaches. Once the exercise is explained, members are given an opportunity to practice alongside other musicians via zoom which is encouraging and quite frankly a lot of fun. On top of that, students have the opportunity for individual coaching in each class as well. It's truly like being enrolled in a top notch music school for a fraction of the cost."

Sheila McClure, Clarinet/Jazz Gym Member


Ultra Productive Coaching Sessions Designed by Chad LB

Over the past several years, I've dedicated much of my life to helping people improve as improvising musicians. I've been fascinated by the practicing techniques that are most effective with my own study, and I've done everything I can to create resources for other musicians to study and understand those techniques. 


When I used to teach privately, I was always frustrated with the limitations of only working with a student once every week or two. We developed the Jazz Gym as a way to solve that problem. By coaching and working with you every time you practice, we make sure that you're focused and practicing effectively, so you can make the absolute best use of your time. 


What do we work on in the Jazz Gym?
60 Minute Live Coaching Sessions Each Day. 
3 Blocks of Practicing Topics. 
Breakout Rooms to Work Individually with Jazz Gym Trainers.

• Approach Notes and Enclosures

• Improvising over Standards

• Harmonic Substitutions 

• Soloing Techniques

• Jazz Vocabulary

• Line Construction

• Motivic Development

• Technique

• Sound Production

• Ear Training

• Repertoire 

• Pentatonics

• Harmonic Analysis 

• Transcription

Your Trainers


Chad LB

Hailed as a “Sax Phenom” by the New York Daily News, Chad LB has toured globally as a bandleader, and with superstars ranging from Chris Botti to Taylor Swift. He has been a featured soloist with premiere ensembles like the Juilliard Jazz Orchestra, and he was formerly a prominent member of the multi GRAMMY winning Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. Despite his demanding tour schedule, Chad continues to be a visiting artist at the renowned San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he gives monthly masterclasses during the scholastic year.


Nathan Graybeal

Nathan Graybeal is a young artist from North Carolina, most well-known for his YouTube persona "Saxologic". Originally an avid drawer then animator, he has transferred his love for art to saxophone. He spreads his infectious passion to inspire others in finding the joy of improving in music through online content. Nathan obtained a bachelor’s degree in both jazz and classical saxophone performance from East Carolina University and a master’s degree in studio jazz performance from the University of Miami.

Cecil Alexander

Cecil Alexander is one of the premier guitarists of his generation and an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music. Cecil’s accolades are extensive as a finalist in the prestigious Herbie Hancock International Institute of Jazz International Guitar Competition and a 1st Place Winner of both the Wilson Center Jazz Guitar Competition as well as the Lee Ritenour Six String Theory Competition.

Ryan Devlin Picture.jpeg

Ryan Devlin

Ryan is a fiercely skilled tenor saxophonist who studied privately with Chad LB for 3 years, and is currently pursuing his masters in Jazz Performance at the New England Conservatory, studying with renowned saxophonist and educator, Jerry Bergonzi. The son of a jazz educator, Ryan is a well-versed educator with experience coaching saxophonists from beginners to professionals.


Spencer Hoefert

Spencer Hoefert is a guitarist and composer from Gainesville, Florida. He is a recent graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he studied guitar with Randy Vincent, Julian Lage, and Anthony Wilson. Spencer has toured and performed with many notable jazz musicians including Joshua Redman, Matt Wilson, Michael Dease, Ben Goldberg, Giulio Xavier, and many others. Spencer is currently based in New York City.

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Jazz Gym Member Plans

Unlimited Membership

• Access To All Sessions
• Up To 3 Session Times Daily

• Unlimited Re-Streaming Of Sessions


$5.97 per class

5 Sessions Monthly

• Book 5 Sessions of your choice Monthly
• Pick From Up To 3 Session Times Daily


$19.99 per class

Jazz Gym Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















All Jazz Gym session times are in Eastern Time

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