(Digital Download) Combo Package includes PDF Packages, "Approach Note & Enclosure Phrase Workouts," "Modern Phrases: Melodic Cells," “64 Inside Out Phrases," 65 Shredding Diminished Phrases," "68 Phrases on One Chord Vamps," "60 Phrases on Dominant Chords," "75 Phrases on Minor Progressions," and "50 Major ii-V-I Phrases.”


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Recordings of phrases and backing tracks included!


Approach Note & Enclosure Phrase Workouts

60 Phrases Written in All 12 Keys + Recordings of Each Phrase!

Melodic Chromatic Application for Jazz Vocabulary and Technique!


Modern Phrases: Melodic Cells

69 Intervallic-Driven Phrases for Modern Improvisation


64 Inside Out Phrases
Phrases in all 12 keys
Phrases using tension and release on Standard Chord Progressions and Straight 8th Grooves.


65 Shredding Diminished Phrases

Phrases in all 12 keys

Phrases utilizing Half/Whole Diminished, Whole/Half Diminished, and Diminished Whole Tone scales on a variety of standard chord progressions, diminished and dominant chords.

68 Phrases On One Chord Vamps
Phrases in all 12 keys
Phrases on Major, Dominant, and Minor Chords Vamps

Phrase Concepts:
Implied Harmony
Outside Substitutions
Melodic Cells

Inside Pentatonics

Pentatonic Shifting (Outside Pentatonics)
Triadic Shifting


Recordings of phrases and backing tracks included!

60 Phrases on Dominant Chords
Phrases in all 12 keys

Phrases on Dominant Chords:

Dominant 7

Dominant 7#11

Dominant 7b9

Dominant 7#9

Altered Dominant 7

Dominant 7b13 or Dominant 7#5

Phrase Concepts:
Approach Notes & Enclosures
Melodic Cells

Pentatonic Shifting
Triad Pairs/Hexatonics


Recordings of phrases and backing tracks included! 


75 Phrases on Minor Progressions

Phrases in All 12 Keys


Phrases on Minor ii-V-i Progressions and Various Minor Tonality Vamps


Phrase Concepts:


Approach Note


Pentatonic Shifting

Melodic Cells

Triad Pairs/Hexatonics


50 Major II-V-I Phrases

Phrases in all 12 keys


Package Contents:


Diatonic/Voice Leading Phrases

Approach Note Phrases

Bebop Phrases

Substitutions Phrases

Ultra Modern Phrases

(Treble Clef) Phrases Combo Package - All 8 Phrase Based PDF Packages!

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