Text Lessons with Chad LB

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Jonathan Swann, Saxophonist/Studio Member

"Dude! I'm having a GREAT time with all the assignments you sent. I've never sounded this good!"

Andrew Guffey, Guitarist/Studio Member

"You’ve been an outstanding mentor for me. I haven’t had any guidance in my jazz studies until I signed up for the text lessons and it has changed my playing!! Thank you!!!" 

Mikey Vitale, Saxophonist/Studio Member

“This program has given me a new approach to practicing that I wouldn’t normally come up with on my own. I’m already seeing immediate results!”

Gabriel Perez, Guitarist/Studio Member

"I usually know how to go about studying but it’s so awesome that at my finger tips I can ask a question regarding a concern. I honestly love this method."



Personalized monthly assignments

Catered to your skill level, available practice time and goals for development. Assignments ranging from technical studies to phrase development all geared to develop every aspect of proficiency on your instrument and your general musicianship. 


Personalized Critique of your playing

Based on video and/or audio samples you send, get feedback for how to adjust your conceptual approach to maximize your performance level according to how you want to improve stylistically.


Ask a question anytime

Can't figure out how to tackle a tune at midnight? Ask questions about any music topic as specific as you want anytime of day or night and receive an answer within 24 hours giving you a detailed response, plus suggestions on how to approach the topic. 


Monthly “Studio Hang” Video Sessions

Live community Q+A sessions every month with Chad on Zoom!

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*Chad is not currently teaching private lessons outside of San Francisco Conservatory and the Text Lessons Subscription.

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The Text Lessons membership now includes additional studio mentorship from Andrew Gould! Andrew is a veteran NYC saxophonist who frequently plays lead with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and has worked with world renowned artists such as Ron Carter, Jon Faddis and Bobby Sanabria. With Andrew and Chad teaming up on daily Q&A, studio members now benefit from more comprehensive mentorship and improved daily response times, while Chad increases his dedication to individualized assignments and practice plans for each studio member according to their individual progression.  

Additional Details

Lesson responses will always be within 24 hours, but will often feature a real time interaction pace when Chad or Andrew are available for immediate communication. Live video calls are not included in the monthly subscription, however, Chad or Andrew will always be available to listen to and send back video within 24 hours, and response time will often be much faster. Monthly subscription can be canceled at anytime.


Are Text Lessons appropriate for any instrument?

Yes, Chad is happy to work with any melodic/pitched instrumentalist who wants to get better as a jazz musician and improviser.

Is this the only chance to enroll or will there be more opportunities later? 

This is only the third time that we have opened Chad's studio and it will not be open for long because the studio is already close to capacity. We may open enrollment again at some point, but the price of future enrollment will increase, so we suggest joining now to sample the experience at the lowest price, and to enjoy legacy pricing at the same rate if you continue your membership. Members of Chad's studio have been thrilled so far, and we will continue to add perks and benefits to your studio membership, so we think that you will love the experience and want to stick around, but if you need to end your membership for any reason, you're welcome to cancel at anytime with no questions asked!

Are Text Lessons right for beginner players?

Chad is happy to work with all levels of players! Current members of the studio range from fully professional musician who want to take their playing to the next level by refining their vocabulary and developing extended techniques, to beginning improvisers who are taking the first steps into jazz improvisation. 

Are Text Lessons offered in multiple languages?

Chad will only give lessons in English, but one of the reasons that the Text Lessons program has worked so well is that it allows students to copy and paste any of Chad’s answers or even their own questions into Google Translate! 

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes! You're welcome to cancel the subscription at any time, even during the first month. So essentially, it’s $69.99 to give it a try and see if you like it!

Are these personalized lessons just for me? 

Yes! Your monthly lesson assignments and practice plan will be specifically assigned to you based on your entrance video, preferred topics of improvement, and your amount of practice availability. Then, each month you will continue to receive assignments based on your progress, as you will continue to send videos of your improvising and your assignments. Chad will continue adapting your assignments and practice plan according to your progress and preferences. 

How frequent are the lessons?

Assignments and practice plans will be given monthly, but you can text Chad 24/7 with questions and concerns regarding your practicing. Chad or Andrew will always reply within 24 hours!