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Your Technique Combo Package includes!


6 of The BEST Technical Exercise Packages...

to develop jazz language

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What's included...



One FREE month of Text Lessons

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"Dude! I'm having a GREAT time with all the assignments you sent. I've never sounded this good!"

Jonathan Swann, Saxophonist/Studio Member

"You’ve been an outstanding mentor for me. I haven’t had any guidance in my jazz studies until I signed up for the text lessons and it has changed my playing!! Thank you!!!" 

Andrew Guffey, Guitarist/Studio Member

“This program has given me a new approach to practicing that I wouldn’t normally come up with on my own. I’m already seeing immediate results!”

Mikey Vitale, Saxophonist/Studio Member

"I usually know how to go about studying but it’s so awesome that at my finger tips I can ask a question regarding a concern. I honestly love this method."

Gabriel Perez, Guitarist/Studio Member

*These statements were made during actual Text Lesson Correspondence with Chad, and are being presented with consent from each studio member.

Personalized monthly assignments

Catered to your skill level, available practice time and goals for development. Assignments ranging from technical studies to phrase development all geared to develop every aspect of proficiency on your instrument and your general musicianship. 

Personalized Critique of your playing

Based on video and/or audio samples you send, get feedback for how to adjust your conceptual approach to maximize your performance level according to how you want to improve stylistically.

Ask a question anytime

Can't figure out how to tackle a tune at midnight? Ask questions about any music topic as specific as you want anytime of day or night and receive an answer within 24 hours giving you a detailed response, plus suggestions on how to approach the topic. 

Here's THE CATCH...

You might be wondering what "the catch" is. Why would we be offering so much to you for less than most musicians pay for one lesson?


🚫 There's no hidden subscriptions or anything like that, but we do have our reasons for making this available to you...


...We want you to see the level of quality and value we bring you so that we develop your improvisation skills to pro level. 


That's it! That's the catch. We want to make you a better musician.


⚠️ Heads up though - We can't keep this offer up for much longer.


A lot of musicians have paid the normal price for the Ultimate Combo Package, and it's not really fair to them to keep give away these insights at such a huge discount.


✅ If this page is still up, then the offer is available at this price for the moment.


But...once it's gone. It's gone forever.

Here's Our No-Brainer Guarantee

💯 If for any reason you decide this package isn't for you in the next 30 days, just send us an email at [] and we'll refund you on the spot. 


There's absolutely no risk for you. 


This way, you can get started right now with complete ease of mind and starting making some 🔥🔥🔥


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✅ One month of Text Lessons

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YOUR COST: $119.99!

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